The Intellisense for Science Teachers Programme (IST) is open to every science teacher in the world. IST consists of free science software from Intellisense as well as free curriculum to enable engaging lessons at your school.

Our vision for this programme is to build and support a community of passionate science teachers through creating, sharing and translating exciting science education materials. We are at the start now, but you'll see on-going improvements, including a content repository, video tutorials, a Q & A section, interesting science news, and more.

All you need to do is:

  • Sign up with your school email,
  • OR
  • Send us a proof that you are a science teacher (eg. a scanned copy of your teacher ID* or scanned letter from your school*) to get your free software licenses right away.

*Intellisense will use the provided data internally and solely for the purpose of determining programme eligibility. Your data will not be disclosed to any third party in any way.

Enjoy teaching science with Intellisense products!

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